Conscious communication creates compassionate collaboration.

Communication is how animals express, share, and exchange information. Both human and non-human animals convey verbal and nonverbal transmissions of our thoughts and feelings as a way to illustrate our reality to another. While human animals possess a range of ways in which to assert ourselves, communicating in a mindful…

I’m here to advocate being being self-serving — which differs from being selfish

Being selfish means having a lack of concern for people and their needs and concerns and choosing to put your personal pleasure and profit above all else. Being self-serving means choosing to put your personal welfare and interests first. Pleasure and profit vs welfare and interests; inconsiderate gratification and greed…


The word “but” uniquely triggers every human being when it’s directed to them because we generally misuse the term, rendering its use counterproductive. Furthermore, when we use the word “but”, we don’t correctly use it to convey an authentic representation of what we are trying to communicate effectively and…

Alexandria Thibodeaux

Coach|speaker|writer. I help highly sensitives (HSPs) & emotional abuse survivors operate with fierce intuition, unwavering self-respect, & total authenticity.

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