Preach! This aligned with me so much! My dad has NPD and my mom has adopted many of his narcissistic tendencies as a result of their enmeshed 50 year marriage coupled with her own mental health ailments. I’ve severed the trauma bonds between me and both my parents and don’t feel guilt for rejecting them. My dad inflicted heinous psychological abuse upon me and caused substantial trauma — willingly. I can’t have compassion for that. And I was even shamed by someone whom I thought was my friend, for not having compassion for my abusive dad. She gaslighted me the entire time I told my story — it was awful! She was using spiritual bypassing as a tool to guide her mindset and tried push that agenda onto me. This experience was also traumatic! So thank you for affirming us NPD abuse survivors!


The Boundary Badass™ — I serve as Interpersonal Communication + Relationship Strategist specializing in self-reverence™ & self-advocacy.

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