Yes, I believe people are misinterpreting humble as these things.

I’m going off of the Oxford definition of humility: a modest or low view of one’s own importance.

I am arguing that “selfless”, “boundaried”, “direct”, and “respectful” are more accurate & sensible examples of mindfulness because as within the practice of mindfullness, they are absent of a modest or low view of one’s own importance.

Furthermore, I’m referring to “submissive” as in: yield to a superior force or to the authority or will of another person.

I don’t believe it wise or productive to value or practice/implement a belief & mindset that champions yielding to a superior force or authority because that personally & socially assigns the value of one person to be more than that of another (unless it’s a situation of life & death), and therefore socially demands more respect for that superior force or authority. Essentially, I’m arguing against social rankings: superior & subordinate. Institutions are a perfect representation of this.

For example, women often submit, so yield, to the superior force & authority of the patriarchy. I was listening to Brené Brown‘s podcast “Unlocking Us” and she shared a personal story that illustrates this. She shared that one semester, she taught a class in which the students could grade themselves at the end of the semester. When they time came,the men in the class boldly & confidently gave themselves A’s. Whereas the women in the class grappled with whether or not they were deserving & worthy of granting themselves an A — and they ended up settling for giving themselves Bs instead; the women did not respect themselves as much as the men respected themselves. And that’s because it’s common that women submit (unconsciously, most often) to the massively influential institution that is the patriarchy.

Coach|speaker|writer. I help highly sensitives (HSPs) & emotional abuse survivors operate with fierce intuition, unwavering self-respect, & total authenticity.

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